Facilitate Innovation and Lead Team Leaders to Implement Change

WSQ Lead Team

Develop Team Leaders through Capability Development and Coaching
Understand how to set KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and team plan to achieve the organisational goals as a business management and how to guide and teach employees how to set their own KPI and team plan by themselves as a people management based on the unique Japanese business style.

Skill Description

● This skill describes the ability to lead team leaders in the development of business unit strategies, operational plans and corporate governance management to meet organisational needs. It also includes providing direction and guidance to team leaders through regular engagement, modelling of leadership and expected behaviours.

Areas covered include

● Recognise expectation of the organization

● Based on these expectations, understand how to lead team leaders by providing direction and guidance

● Understand how to regularly engage them, modelling leadership and expected behaviours

Training Outcome

● The ability to understand

○ The relationship between high level strategy and the development and implementation of team plans and processes

○ The relationship between high level strategy and the development and implementation of business systems and processes to support corporate governance

○ ” Organisational policies and procedures relating to the development of departmental or business unit strategies, and corporate governance compliance management

○ Legal and ethical considerations relating to corporate governance

○ Relevant professional or industry codes of practice and standards relating to corporate governance

○ Implications and impact on employees and the organization arising from team planning process and corporate governance management processes

● The Ability to:

○ Facilitate team leaders’ involvement in the development of departmental or business strategies to achieve business objectives

○ Lead team leaders to identify trends and issues impacting team performance and develop team operational plans to achieve team objectives

○ Communicate organisational values and expectations of behaviour in the workplace to guide team leaders in their behaviour and performance

○ Engage regularly with team leaders to provide the required support to achieve business unit goals

○ Model leadership and behaviours to demonstrate application of organisational values, behaviours and governance priorities in all actions

○ Develop and modify systems and processes to improve compliance management on corporate governance and social responsibilities requirements

○ Communicate departmental or business unit strategic priorities to stakeholders to garner their support and buy-in

○ Assess emotional states of team leaders and respond appropriately to emotional cues when leading team leaders to ensure individual needs are addressed

○ Engage in regular self-reflection to identify own areas for improvement in leading strategy planning

○ Improve own strategy planning skills by subscribing to diverse learning channels and participating in peer review platforms to enhance workplace performance

Training Schejule


● Introductory Lecture

● Outline of Lead Team training

● What is your leadership style?

● Facilitate Involvement and Lead team leaders

● Facilitate team leaders involvement

● Lead team leaders to identify trends and issues

● Assessment: Case Study

● Recap

● Skills Practice
B) Role Play

● Assessment
C) Role Play


● Communicate values and model leadership to develop business strategies

● Communicate organizational values

● Engage team leader regularly

● Model leadership and behavior

● Assess emotional cues of team leaders

● Communicate priorities to garner support

● Skills practice:

● Develop and modify systems to improve compliance and self-reflection

● Observe corporate governance

● Self-refection to improve strategy planning skills

● Identify areas of improvement

● Assessment

● Written assessment

Target Trainee
Assistant Manager, Manager or Senior Manager
Number of Trainees
Maximum 20 pax per session * first-come, first-served
Item Nett Fee (Company Sponsored)
(Grant Amount *Grant Rate)
Fee S$ 30 S$ 60 S$ 60 S$ 30 S$ 360 S$ 60
Grant Amount by SSG(Grant rate) S$ 570
S$ 540
S$ 540
S$ 575
S$ 240
S$ 540

*¹(SME)Small Medium Enterprises:

Annual sales turnover of less than SGD 100 million or group employment size of not more than 200 workers.

*²(WTS)Workfare Training Scheme:

Employed Singapore Citizens, aged 35 years and above, earning not more than SGD 2,000 per month

*³(MCES)Skills Future Mid Career Enhanced Subsidy:

Singapore Citizens, aged 40 years and above

Cancellation Policy
Cancelling your application

You may request to cancel your course application by email or post, subject to the cancellation fee on the following conditions. (The grant will not be offered)

a) More than 14 days before the course commencement date – 25% of course fees should be paid as the cancellation fee

b) 14 days to 7 days before the course commencement date – 50 % of course fees should be paid as the cancellation fee

c) 6 day or less before the commencement date – 100 % of course fees should be paid as the cancellation fee

d) Upon the commencement date-same as c)

Cancellation by Alue

● In the unlikely event that we have to cancel the course for unavoidable reasons, the following terms will apply.

● In the event of natural disasters, infectious diseases, epidemics or other events which we consider may cause harm to persons or the community, we may cancel the course. In the event of such cancellation, no cancellation fee will be levied.

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○ Tel: +65 6550 6312
○ Mobile:+65 8654 1806(Kitada), +65 9239 7601(Hatori)
○ Email: wsqcourses@alue.asia

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