Corporate Philosophy Consulting Service

Corporate Philosophy Consulting Service

The promotion of corporate philosophy to all employees and
the fostering of a common recognition of values and ways of thinking


Focus and Learning Outcomes

The establishment of a method to share corporate philosophy to all employees and improve overall business performance

・Aim for all employees to understand corporate philosophy and to act in line with it

・Formulation of corporate philosophy according to business direction and goals

・Develop facilitation skills to improve meeting efficiency and internal communication

・The breaking down of corporate philosophy to different departments to formulate business strategies tied to corporate philosophy

・Establishing a mechanism of monitoring to observe corporate philosophy in the workplace and to review and improve the spread of corporate philosophy


Formalizing and realizing corporate philosophy

・Embodied by creating a slogan understood by the whole company that is based on corporate philosophy

・The clarification of requirements for each employee at every level

Effective and deep sharing and dialogues

・Selection and development of key personnel that are in charge of sharing key ideas

・Achieve understanding amongst all employees via the steps of sharing->conveying -> interacting

Constant observation and follow up

・Constant observation of the company’s direction and situation from both quantitative and qualitative measures through period on-site reviews and monitoring of KPI

・Identifying the gap between target and current situation followed by the proposal and execution of improvement actions