Personnel System Management Consulting Service

Personnel System Management Consulting Service

Full support of the development and establishment of an efficient personnel system that realizes company vision and mission

Utilizing the know-how and strengths that have supported the development of human resources and organization of more than 800 companies, we strive to help achieve organizational and personnel system reforms for further growth and development of organization and human resources Project Flow

※ The project content will be planned according to the requests/needs of customers


Focus and Learning Outcomes

・Identifying and clarifying the need and purpose for personnel system reform

・Establishment of an organizational structure based on management philosophy/vision

・Human Resource System Construction (Grade System / Evaluation System / Compensation System)

・Formulation of a system to nurture, guide and develop staff members to maximize potential


・An institutional design that considers both management and ground level perspectives

・Ensuring the consistency between training system and personnel system

・Constant communication throughout implementation phase



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