Management Strategy Consulting Services

Management Strategy Consulting Services

Formulation of Mission, Vision and Enterprise Value

Define what and how management policy and strategy should be and
implement action plans to achieve that goal



Management level executives and higher

Focus and Learning Outcomes

・To identify what themes or issues are of priority and which require focus as well as the development of a action plan to move the business forward

・Learning how to hold cohesive meetings with stakeholders and achieve smooth and efficient discussions

・Develop facilitation skills to improve meeting efficiency and internal communication

・Intensive discussion forums with executive level staff to facilitate networking and the sharing of opinions


・Understanding the overall picture of the issues:Involves senior executives, with intensive discussion and consensus building

・Discover and share company-level management issues

・Clarification of priorities and Consensus formation

・Collaboration with outside:Partner Facilitation

・Consider bold ideas that are new in the industry

・A thorough discussion with business partners

・Building a realization system:Implementation of each measure in the project

・Set goals for each project, to approach, come up with an execution plan and to assign a suitable person to develop a system of management



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