The fundamentals and basics of being an instructor

The fundamentals and basics of being an instructor

As an instructor, it is important that we understand our roles, responsibilities and the fundamentals of facilitation and presentation.



Future instructors

Focus and Learning Outcomes

Learn and understand the fundamentals of being a good instructor and acquire relevant training skills

・Building confidence as a instructor with a strong foundation and clear instructions

・Understanding the position of both instructor and participant to develop new perspectives on training


・Knowledge:Understand big picture of the subject material

・Skills:The acquisition of instructional skills

・Attitude:The development and showing of professional training attitudes

■Learning style and activities

・Utilizing a practice-makes-perfect learning style, learn the fundamentals, skills and required attitude to be an instructor

・Constant feedback and practice sessions during the practice-makes-perfect learning style to strive for greater improvement
*Follow-up sessions to provide professional advice, guidance and demonstrations are also possible. Contact us for more details.



■Number of participants

Suggested number: 12
(Min 5, Max 24)


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