Etiquette and manners in Japanese Companies

Etiquette and manners in Japanese Companies

Understanding Japanese Business culture and the appropriate etiquette
and manners to perform.



Participants working in Japanese companies or that have an interest in Japanese Business culture

Focus and Learning Outcomes

Understanding the fundamentals of etiquette and manners in Japanese companies and learn the relevant customaries and manners of Japanese corporate culture


・Greetings:Begin your day at work with greeting and end your day with greeting

・Workplace :Establishment of a comfortable working environment

・Warmness:Aim to be a person whom others always want to work together with

・Phone calls:Grasp and convey messages accurately and politely

・Emails:Send concise but easy-to-understand emails

■Learning style and activities

・Background lecture session to familiarize participants on Japanese corporate culture and etiquette

・Group work activities and active demonstrations to aid participant understanding of Japanese Business culture



■Number of participants

Suggested number: 16
(Min 10, Max 24)

Participant feedback

・“I was able to visualize and understand Japanese Corporate culture in a easy-to-absorb manner.”

・“The program allowed me to gain an understanding of the history and background of Japanese Business Culture.”

・“I learnt that goodwill and compassion towards fellow staff is expressed in the form of proper etiquette and manners. Looking forward, I wish to express myself positively and build good business relations in the workplace.”


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