Working in a Japanese Company, the process forward

Working in a Japanese Company, the process forward

Understanding Japanese Business culture, the characteristics of the Japanese Corporate world and the skills required to work in a Japanese Company



Participants working in Japanese companies or that have an interest in Japanese Business culture

Focus and Learning Outcomes

Understanding the fundamentals of the Japanese Corporate sector, its underlying culture, its background and relevant skills important to working in a Japanese Company


・Respect:Respecting others as a key principle in the workplace

・Confirmation:Accurately confirming information without obscuring any part of it

・Influence:Understand your influence, how far it can reach and how it may impact others

・Reporting and Accountability:The creation of a habit of “reporting”, “informing” and “consulting”

■Learning style and activities

・Lecture sessions with practical examples that aid participants in acquire skills

・Group activities that facilitate the understanding of Japanese business culture and its background



■Number of participants

Suggested number: 16
(Min 10, Max 24)

Participant Feedback

・“I was able to visualize and understand the position in which Japanese Businesses were coming from.”

・“I learnt about the underlying history and background of Japanese Business culture.”

・“I was able to gain a deeper understanding of modern day Japanese corporate culture that has deep historical and cultural roots cultivated from Japan’s rich history. Moving forward, I would like to develop and understand the values relevant in Japanese Businesses.”


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