Creative Leadership and Coaching Program

Creative Leadership and Coaching Program

360 Degrees feedback and Coaching as a leadership development program

Point: With a database of over 30,000 global leaders, we can utilize constructive comparison to further the development of leadership skills.

Program Flow a series of 3 lectures on leadership models will be provided at the workshop session followed by a discussion and coaching session. Program customization is also possible upon request.  

360 Degrees all-round feedback concept


An excerpt of some of the content in our 360-degree all round feedback concept


Creative Leadership Competency (18 items)

Indicators that measure actions required by leaders and beliefs behind them to enable achievement of high fulfilment and excellent achievement

Reactive leadership competency (11 items)

Indicators that identify internal beliefs that could be limiting the further progress of potential leadership capabilities



Mangers and Future Management Candidates

Focus and Learning Outcomes

Being aware of one’s own potential as a leader and creative personal development

■Learning style and activities

・A self-evaluation exercise will be conducted for participants as well as a peer feedback session to review a participant’s progress and understanding

・A 30-minute internet questionnaire will be introduced to review the learning process

・Visualizing the degree of leadership via a 360-degree feedback systems

・Establishing a coaching system based on results

・Encourages creativity and the notion of possibility

■Participant feedback

・“Previously I did not realize that my subconscious thoughts were placing limits on my potential as a leader.”

・“I am not more certain of the actions I have to make to improve myself by learning through comparison with other global leaders.”

・“Coaching helped me to change my style of thinking and gain new perspectives.”

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