MBTI in leadership

MBTI in leadership

Utilizing MBTI, one of the world’s most used psychological tests,
as a method to deepen one’s understanding of self and others.

MBTI is a widely used psychological test that promotes understanding of a person’s strengths, interests, motivation and many more. MBTI can be used to develop guidelines for growth, leadership style and learning style. As such, it is used widely in businesses all the around the world.     

This course is especially recommended for first-time participants who have never attended a leadership course before.



Managerial Level Staff

Focus and Learning Outcomes

・Deepen one’s self understanding from many different aspects, include strengths and weaknesses, direction of interests and motivation

・To improve one’s understanding of human relationships through a deeper understanding of the personality types of others and self

・Improve communication ability to different types of people with added knowledge of MBTI personalities

■Learning style and activities

・Feedback and information sessions to internalize and conceptualize MBTI theory

・Discussion sessions on how to apply MBTI theory in the workplace

・Activities to learn about MBTI in leadership, communication and motivation management etc



■Number of participants

Suggested number: 12
(Min 10, Max 32)


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