The basics of appraisal

The basics of appraisal

Appropriate appraisal, clear communication to staff, and how to utilize the fundamentals of appraisal to achieve business objectives



New Managers

Focus and Learning Outcomes

・Improving one’s ability to appraise performance of staff

・Proper communication of feedback to staff based on evaluation

・Understanding contextual and situational factors that can play a part in affecting appraisal

・An overall improvement in the ability to appraisestaff


・Basic principle:Understand the relationship between ideals and aspirations.

・2-part approach:

1. Fairness in evaluation
2. Importance of understanding in evaluation

■Learning style and activities

・Adopting a practice makes perfect style approach to understand the principles and importance of staff evaluation

・Constant feedback during practice makes perfect style exercises to review and improve the learning process



■Number of participants

Suggested number: 24
(Min 10, Max 42)

Participant feedback

・“I understood the process and what to pay attention to when evaluating staff.”

・“Even if the situation is different from each employee, I managed to find a way to evaluate all staff on equal grounds.”

・“I understood the basic process of an evaluation interview and how to properly convey my feedback across.”

・“I now know how to deal with unexpected remarks from staff or cases where staff members do not agree with the appraisal.”


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