The basics of objective management

The basics of objective management

Learning the basics of objective management to better achieve business objectives



Managerial Level Staff

Focus and Learning Outcomes

Increasing overall objective-setting ability, plan formulation and execution support

・Icreasing staff understanding of the importance of objective-setting

・Increasing staff motivation towards objectives and how to achieve them

・Developing the perspective of encouraging staff growth when setting objectives

・The creation of a forward action plan that focuses on achieving set objectives


・Basic principle:Facilitate management and support to achieve business objectives and staff goals

・3-part approach:

1. Goal identification: the association between ‘Must’ and ‘Will’
2. Planning: providing support and assistance and the promotion of a can-do attitude
3. Execution assistance: self-management support through objectives

■Learning style and activities

・Adoption of a “practice makes perfect” style exercise to understand the principles of goal control and the characteristics of large business objectives

・Constant feedback through the “practice makes perfect” style exercise to continuously improve



■Number of participants

Suggested number: 24
(Min 10, Max 42)


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