Positive appraisal and its impact in the workplace

Positive appraisal and its impact in the workplace

Learn how to appropriately perform appraisal and give feedback to staff based on situational contexts from the standpoint of a manager



Managerial Level Staff

Focus and Learning Outcomes

The improvement of ability to achieve business goals

・The development management skills to improve teamwork, cohesiveness and confidence of staff

・Strengthen common understandings and objectives with staff to collectively achieve business goals

・The implementation of organizational systems to achieve business goals

・Teaching methods to help staff set achievement goals and coach staff growth and development


・Basic workflow:Communication as an essential process to improve workflows

・Forward attitude:The attainment of business objectives

■Learning style and activities

・Case study reviews that simulate the position of a manager and facilitate a deeper understanding of one’s role

・A review of the simulation exercise to better understand the position of other staff members based on situational context

・Formulation of a forward action plan to improve management skills



■Number of participants

Suggested number: 24
(Min 10, Max 36)

Participant feedback

・“Although we learnt about many different people with different opinions which could lead conflicting results, it was extremely helpful to examine and learn about behaviour and position during consensus building.”

・“When setting goals for my department, I realized not just to focus on the end-goal but also to take note of the process as well as to consider the division of roles.”

・“Previously, I would only tell you about our company goals. Now I am also looking to tell others about how achieve goals in conjunction with staff members.”


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