Global Communication

Global Communication

Learn the basics of communication with people from different cultural backgrounds for active global businesses that create value and make use of diversity



New employees to mid-level employees that will be involved in global businesses in the future

Focus and Learning Outcomes

To improve communication skills for cross cultural understanding and relationship building
Understanding the basic principles of global communication and the four rules to capitalize on diversity.
Organize and effectively communicate intended messages to any audience.


・Overarching Principle “I’m OK”:To respect all foreign cultures and reconcile compatibly issues with Japanese who frequently say “No”

・Four rules to capitalize on diversity:"Prudence" "Empathy" "Logic" "Assertion"

・Practice makes perfect:Go through a learning process that makes natural one’s ability to communicate globally

■Learning style and activities

Using a practice-makes-perfect learning style, internalize and conceptualize the fundamentals of global communication and the understanding of global cultures and communication.

Constant reviews and feedback sessions throughout the workshop to ensure continuous improvement



■Number of participants

Suggested number: 24
(Min 10, Max 42)


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