Leadership skill for Japanese expats ( Global Leadership Program )

Leadership skills for Japanese expats (Global Leadership Program)

Acquire the approach, knowledge and skills to become
"a leader who will succeed in global business"



Company leaders involved in global businesses

Focus and Learning Outcomes

・The effective practice and development of global leadership
・Learning the five principles of globalization and review business direction and goals in relation
・Work towards a positive goal for global expansion of your business and continue to achieve sustained global growth
・Learn about what type of leadership is require on a global scale and how it is different from local leadership


・Premise:Understanding corporate globalization

・Business on a global scale:Overcome the “global size” barrier and achieve results

・5 principles of globalization:"Penetration of principles" "Understanding communication" "Active self-improvement" "Decision making from management viewpoint" "Conflict resolution"

■Learning style and activities

・Utilizing case studies of success globalization promotions, learn lessons on global expansion and how it may be useful in individual situations
・Adopting guiding ideas based on past case studies to guide and coach employees forward with a global mindset



■Number of participants

Suggested number: 20
(Min 10, Max 30)


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