Management skill for Japanese expats

Management skills for Japanese expats

Improve management skills by acquiring skills and the right approach to manage, regardless of your nationality



Staff planning to work abroad or have to work with people of other nationalities

Focus and Learning Outcomes

To learn how to conduct conducive and meaningful cooperation with members of diverse backgrounds and nationalities regardless of seniority or position


・Respecting different cultures:Understanding and respecting the different cultures of others

・Clear Communication:Understanding the importance of clear communication and how to appropriately convey our messages to others

・"Direction" "Feedback" "Performance Evaluation":Learn applicable and practical skill through these three key concepts

■Learning style and activities

・Learn about management points on foreign employees through lectures and exercises
・Comparing overseas cultures with Japanese cultures, analyse and extract practical methods for global employee management



■Number of participants

Suggested number: 16
(Min 10, Max 24)


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