The Fundamentals of business trends in India

The Fundamentals of business trends in India

Learn about Indian business trends and how to strategically think about Indian businesses



All employees interested in/involved in global business (especially India)

Focus and Learning Outcomes

・Understanding Indian Businesses and to build a successful business strategy when entering the Indian market

・Developing knowledge about the business environment in India and knowing relevant trends and issues to look out for when conducting business in India


・Business trends in India:Understand Indian market movements and consumer needs

・The Indian industry:Learn about past cases of successes and failures and understand the rationale

・Trends of Japanese companies in India:Understanding the challenges faced and the success factors of Indian companies owned by Japanese companies

■Learning style and activities

・Learn about Indian business trends and deepen one’s understanding from group discussion
・Utilize quantitative and qualitative data and information such as graphs and corporate case studies to supplement learning and understanding of Indian business trends



■Number of participants

Suggested number: 24
(Min 10, Max 36)


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