Junior Leadership 100 Practices

Leadership, moving people forward together

Understand your role and power in mobilizing staff to work together to achieve business goals, a key responsibility of being a manager



Mid-tier level employees

Focus and Learning Outcomes

Understanding the role of a manager in an organization that is responsible for leading a team and mobilizing staff to achieve business goals

・Learning the importance of activeness in leadership as compared to passiveness

・Understanding the key role of a managing in leading a team and being able to move everyone forward together


・The first step:Building up the confidence on taking the first step and embracing one’s role as a leader

・Involvement:Understanding the importance of involvement and how to constantly move forward togethe

・Nurture:The ability to reach out and teach others

■Learning style and activities

・By utilizing a practice-makes-perfect learning style, we will first learn about the 3 principles of active leadership, “the first step”, “involvement” and “nurturing”

・Practice exercises to formulate forward action plans for leadership development

・Constant feedback and reviews during our practice-makes-perfect learning session



■Number of participants

Suggested number: 24
(Min 10, Max 42)


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