Management Basics 100 Practices

Management, your next step forward

Recognizing your next position as a managerial staff and understanding performance management and how it can impact your role



Participants that are future management candidates

Focus and Learning Outcomes

Understanding the fundamentals of leadership that is supported by trust

・Identifying and internalizing what the role of a manager is and what is expected of the position

・Understanding the importance of human resource development and coaching in the workplace

・Developing a management and leadership consciousness that is a step forward from staff members


・Understanding the differences between staff members and managers:Identifying the differences in scope, responsibilities, role in the organization and evaluation

・Perform Management:Understanding the fundamentals of performance management and how managers utilize it

■Learning style and activities

・Both individual work as well as group activities will be conducted to better aid participants understand the different roles and perspectives in holding a managerial position

・During group activities, discussion sessions will be conducted to facilitate peer feedback and understand different viewpoints



■Number of participants

Suggested number: 24
(Min 10, Max 42)


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