Business Model Innovation Workshop

Business Model Innovation Workshop

To learn about business model innovation and acquire “Design thinking tools”



Mid-tier staff to Managerial level staff

Focus and Learning Outcomes

・Understanding the importance of innovation and how it can add/create value in one’s business
・Gain appropriate skills to imagine the business from different perspectives to innovate and expand
・Be able to understand future forecasts, business environments and how it can affect business direction


・Business model canvas:Visualizing the overall picture of the business and moving forward from there

・Understanding a customer’s perspective:Attain new business perspectives by imagining the business from the customer’s point of view

・Future possibilities canvas:Develop business direction by drawing and imaging possible avenues and initiatives into the future
*Business model innovation is the process of creating new value in a business and bringing it to customers

■Learning style and activities

This course will utilize the book “Business Model Generation” to develop thinking skills

Author: Alex Oster Walder, Eve · Pinyule (first edition, February 9, 2012 issue first edition)

Business model innovation practice guide with 470 innovators in 45 countries

You will be able to systematically learn [understanding of business model]> [design]> [execution]
Leading companies and consultants such as 3M, Ericsson, Deloitte have also adopted ideas from this book
Business Model Canvas

Flexible template to conceive, complete, and evaluate business models

Learn and practice the nine constituent elements covering the company's "customers, supplies, infrastructure, financial viability" alongside the development of business innovation ideas



■Number of participants

Suggested number: 20
(Min 10, Max 30)

Participant Feedback

・“I managed to understand business environments and the importance of innovation”

・“I understood how to create new value for customers and learnt how to deliver that new value to customers”

・“Turns out that thinking about future trends is important in the process of innovation!”

・“I learned how to think about future environments while understanding the current business environment”



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