Creativity Development Program

Create new values and see the changes in your daily work

As our economy stagnates and countries like China begin to emerge, Japanese companies face harsher and harsher challenges, like the “acceleration of change”, “expansion of diversity” and “increasing uncertainty”. Under these conditions, the methods of the past may fail to produce results. In order to respond to the unpredictable and quickly changing world of business, the need for new perspectives, values, and ways of thinking is greater than ever. These components are critical if we hope to further development and innovation amongst our clients and ourselves.

At Alue, we support innovation within organizations as a whole, as well as daily activities. To do this, we offer “business model innovation” workshops, utilizing the framework laid by 470 innovators from 45 countries in the worldwide bestseller “Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers”. These techniques have been used by major corporations known for their practicality and innovation.

The three changes of business environment

  • Acceleration of change

Acceleration of change in the market

Conflict catch-up, accelerated spread of new technology and services, intensified competition

  • Expansion of Diversity

Diversification of consumer needs

Handling diverse values, globalization, and emerging economies

  • Increasing uncertainty

Increase in unpredictable events

Globalization and the worldwide impact of distant locations

List of Programmes

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