“Practice Makes Perfect”, 100 Practices™ Approach

"Practice Makes Perfect", 100 Practices™ Approach

With our 100 Practices™ approach, participants first build up experience and learn their individual strengths and weaknesses. Then, they challenge themselves continuously, truly developing their skills and committing them to memory.


Point 1: Realize --Changing consciously

“It makes sense in my head, but when I try, I can't do it.” Through practice, participants will truly understand their capabilities.

Point 2: Learn --Simple principles

“This is the key!” We stick to simple learning points and principles.

Main points are structured around a core principle.

Point 3: Practice over and over,Overcome,Take practical actions

If I do this, I can do this! Through continual practice of the 100 Practices approach, participants will build up successful experiences, establish new habits, and learn efficiently.


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