The fundamentals of Marketing

The fundamentals of Marketing

Learn about the fundamentals of marketing as well as basic marketing skills



New employees to Managerial level staff

Focus and Learning Outcomes

To understand how to create effective marketing strategy based on the fundamentals and basic principles of marketing

・Understand and take into account future business trends and developments when planning a marketing strategy

・Develop strategies based on business environmental analysis

・Formulate lasting business strategies that ensure continuity


・Principle :Understanding the fundamental principle of marketing: Generate systems to attract customers

・Skills:Extracting the key pointers and main message from given information

1.Business environment analysis
2.Identifying market opportunities
3.Strategic plannig
4.Performance management

■Learning style and activities

・Learn the fundamentals of marketing, apply it to individual contexts and engage in practice sessions

・Feedback and review sessions alongside instructor’s experienced teaching methods to stimulate intellect and deepen understanding



■Number of participants

Suggested number: 24
(Min 10, Max 36)