Logical Thinking

Logical Thinking

Strengthen logical thinking ability to organize complex information
and communicate it intelligibly



New employees to Managerial level staff

Focus and Learning Outcomes

An overall improvement of reporting skills, understanding of key issues, document preparation and logical thinking principles

・Better organization and grouping of points to properly interpret and analyse information

・Learn skills to effectively communicate intended meaning in emails and documents

・Improved comprehension of meeting points and material to increase understanding


・Grouping:Learn the importance of grouping similar information together

・Message :Extracting the key pointers and main message from given information

・Rationale:Understanding the context and rationale behind messages

・MECE (Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive):Fully understanding and grasping the concept on a whole

■Learning style and activities

・Utilizing a practice-makes-perfect learning style, learn the principles of logical thinking and the four relevant pillars

・Constant feedback and practice sessions during the practice-makes-perfect learning style to strive for greater improvement



■Number of participants

Suggested number: 24
(Min 10, Max 42)