Quantitative thinking 100 Practices

Quantitative Thinking

Understand Quantitative analysis and thinking and how it can be applied in the workplace



Mid-tier staff to Managerial level staff

Focus and Learning Outcomes

Understanding the basics of quantitative thinking and analysis, gaining knowledge to logically estimate numerical figures, and theorize and quantify different hypothesises to achieve business goals. Develop the ability to craft hypothesises and theories based on analysis and information


・Goal:Identify what needs to be quantified

・MECE (Mutually exclusive, Collectively exhaustive):Create and quantify expressions logically

・Business constant:Analyse numerical values and the significance in business numbers

■Learning style and activities

By utilizing a practice-makes-perfect learning style, learn about the major principles of quantitative thinking and three key rules. At the same time, constant reviews and feedback sessions will be held to continuously improve



■Number of participants

Suggested number: 24
(Min 10, Max 42)


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