Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

We pay meticulous care when it comes to managing our customer's personal information, which we handle in the manner set forth below. 

1. Personal Information Protection Manager
We have appointed the following person as our Personal Information Protection Manager. This person properly and safely manages our customer's personal information and takes measures to prevent and correct issues such as unauthorized external access to or the loss, destruction, falsification, or disclosure of such information.

Personal Information Protection Manager: 
Manager of the Business Development Department

2. Purposes of Use for Personal Information
We collect personal information for the purposes of use listed below.
・ To provide the education and training requested by our customers
・ To manage the schedules of teachers who provide education and training
・ To select applicants to hire
・ For the personnel, labor, and health management of our employees
・ To respond to inquiries by inquiring customers ・ To provide data and materials to customers who have requested them
・ To contact customers who have applied for our seminars to confirm the contents of their application
3. Provision of Personal Information
We will not provide personal information to third parties except for in the following cases.
・ When we have obtained the customer's consent
・ When we are required to do so by law
・ When consigning work to a subcontractor When doing so, we follow the next item on "Entrusting Personal Information."
4. Entrusting Personal Information
As part of our business management, we consign some of our work externally in order to provide our customers with excellent service. In doing so, we may entrust personal information to a subcontractor. In such cases, we carefully select subcontractors under the precondition that they have imposed and implemented a management system that is capable of properly protecting personal information. On top of this, we agree on items that are essential to prevent the disclosure of customer's personal information by the proper management of this information and the maintenance of confidentiality through contractual or other means to compel them to engage in proper management.
5. Personal Information Subject to Disclosure
We respond without delay to requests from individuals to personal information for which we retain the authority to disclose, revise the contents of, add to or delete from, notify the purpose of use of, erase, or suspend the notification of to a third party upon the request of said individual (hereinafter referred to as disclosure or other measures), as personal information subject to disclosure.
6. Disclosure or Other Measures for Information Subject to Disclosure
When the individual in question has petitioned for disclosure or other measures regarding personal information subject to disclosure, then such measures are taken within a reasonable extent after first confirming the identity of said individual. However, Alue shall not be bound to this in other cases where there is the possibility of harm to the life, health, property, or other interests of said individual, or when it has been determined that failing to do so will considerably hinder us in carrying out our duties. Furthermore, when stipulated by law, we respond appropriately pursuant to the law(s) in question.
7. Identity Confirmation
We confirm the identities of our customers through one of the following ways.
1. Calling the customer back on a telephone number that they have already provided us to confirm their identity.
2. Sending an email to an email address that the customer has already provided us
and having them reply to the email to confirm that it is actually them.
3. Confirming the individual's name, address, telephone number, and date of birth when undertaking procedures to confirm their identity.

When it comes to confirming the identify of representatives, we ask that representatives visit our company directly and present their driver's license or passport to provide confirmation.

8. Procedures for Complying with Requests for Disclosure or Other Measures
After confirming the customer's identity, we will mail them an "Invoice for Personal Information Disclosure or Other Measures." Once the customer has returned the "Invoice for Personal Information Disclosure or Other Measures," then we will promptly respond to said measures without delay. The manner by which we respond will either be to respond by telephone or by mailing a written response for the contents of the invoice.
We do not charge any handling fees regarding requests for disclosure or other measures.

All inquiries for Alue regarding complaints, consultations, and disclosure or other measures concerning personal information are to be directed to the following contact point.

[Contact Point for Complaints and Consultations on Personal Information]
1 North Bridge Rd, #08-08 High Street Centre, Singapore 179094
+65 6550 6312

We are a target entity of an authorized organization for the protection of personal information that has been authorized by the competent minister pursuant to Article 37 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Law No. 57 of 2003).