Global Talent Assessment

Global Talent Assessment

Determining the basic ability to play an active part in global business

What is Global Talent Assessment?

Conducting observations and reviews at overseas training locations.

In addition, there will be opportunities to communicate in English and play and active part in global business. ALUGO Assessment will be used as a form of evaluation.



New Employees to Managerial Level Employees

Training Type

Behavioural Observational Assessment
※Global response will be evaluated through action and output.


A ranking system will be implemented after evaluating the basics and level of global talents.

  • Objectivity: Multiple assessors will be assigned to assess and evaluate different participants to ensure objectivity
  • Evidence-based: Conduct evaluation and feedback reviews based on actual behaviours
  • Adaptability: By observing and viewing the changes through the program, evaluate the nature of acceptance, growth and challenges to materializing a global business
  • Materials
  • Individual feedback
  • Results report
  • Feedback reports
  • Examples and points for each item of evaluation
  • Review of Strengths and Weaknesses
  • General comments
  • Dates
    Decided in accordance with our overseas dispatch program
    Number of Participants

    20 People to 1 Class
    Min 10, Max 30

    Overseas Training Programme
    Asia Future Leaders Summit


    APAC Next Generation Management Training


    Global Mindset Program


    Global Talent Assessment


    Breakthrough Program,
    a simulation for future expatriate employees