Global Mindset Program

Global Mindset Program

Developing a mindset that pursues global possibilities on the world stage and
the emerging Asian markets.
~Research and Presentation on Emerging Countries~

Program Flow

※The above graphic illustrates the basic structure of a program.We will customize (develop and design) the program according to your organization’s specific needs.

Training Program Outline


New Employees


Gain confidence in global business and discover business opportunities in emerging countries


※Other locations are also available

  • Validate and reconstruct pre-set hypotheses through workplace practices to foster the initiative
  • Deepen the understanding of local culture and business practices through local field studies and local cultural experiences.
  • Discover new business opportunities by capitalizing on the booming Asian emerging markets
  • Gain confidence in the global business environment by reviewing past case studies and field research.
  • Develop a global perspective and mindset is useful for the global business environment through interaction with global businessmen and top university students.
  • Dates
    1 Week
    ※Contents are designed according to the request of your organization

    Participant Feedback

  • I think it's worthwhile to learn from successful experiences of others and create a mindset that can be used for business.
  • It was a meaningful experience for me to be able to acquire such a large amount of information in such a short period of time.
  • I especially enjoyed, and found meaningful, the conversations with local specialists.
  • I was impressed by the local people who were very enthusiastic about the promotion and development of the industry.
  • We were able to listen to the development stories of local businessmen and attain specific information about our products directly in the form of primary information.
  • I was given an opportunity to communicate in English in a friendly and productive environment even though my pronunciation and grammar sounded different from everyone else. I previously was very shy about using English, but I feel more encouraged now./li>
  • As it was my first experience abroad, I had many difficulties and did not understand many things. However, after I started talking to the locals there, I could gain a better understanding of local culture and practice local customs aside them.
  • While interacting with the locals, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of local cultures and opinions. I am now more culturally aware and have a wider understanding of different cultures.
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