Curriculum Developer

Associate Curriculum Developer


Role & Responsibilities:


  1. Over all in charge of the accreditation process for becoming a WSQ training provider.
    1. Develop and contextualize course material for frameworks in Human Resource, Business Management, Leadership and People Management, and others to be included in WSQ programs.
    2. In charge of registration for the company to keep an ATO providing WSQ programs.
    3. In charge of courses accreditation with SSG.
    4. All documentation required for accreditation, maintaining and renewal for the WSQ work cycle.
    5. Manage operation with customer and SSG after training and assessment
    6. Manage CIR Audit and admin


  1. Pre-training activities
    1. Marketing of WSQ programs
    2. Making appointments for client visit
    3. Support client visit and sales activities
    4. Provide advise to the company and clients as a professional adult educator
    5. Assisting in event marketing, and advertising
    6. Drafting of proposals for clients
    7. Customization of training materials
    8. Recruitment of suitable trainers
    9. Management of external trainers


  1. Delivery of training
    1. Conduct training on specific topics as a trainer
    2. Preparation and setting up of training venues
    3. Assisting trainers when trainings are conducted


  1. Follow up post training matters
    1. Drafting and presentation of feedback report to clients
    2. Making follow up proposal




Must have

  1. DACE certification
  2. ACTA certification
  3. Minimum 3 years of experience as a trainer in specific topics
  4. Experience in course development for WSQ programs & Non WSQ programs

Bonus to have

  1. Ability and experience to conduct training from junior level to management level.
  2. Ability and experience to conduct training in English, other languages and dialects.
  3. Other training related certification or qualification