Asia Future Leaders Summit(AFLS)

【Participants from Japan】

Large manufacturing company (more than 5,000 people)/ Major Auditing Corporation (over 5,000) / Major chemical industry (1,000 to 2,999) / Major pharmaceutical industry (1,000 to 2,999) / Major financial industry (700 to 999 people)

【Overseas participation】

Major manufacturing industry (Malaysia) / Major manufacturing industry (2 companies in China) / Major IT industry (2 companies in India) / Major consulting (Thailand) / Human Resources Development Trainer (Singapore) / Major Human Resources Consulting (Taiwan)

Business planning, marketing, sales, consultant, HR etc.
Age group
20 to 40 years old

Purpose / Background

"I wish to nurture talents who can become leaders in different cultures"

In global business, there are few cases where talented individuals demonstrate positive leadership skills and yet are unable to progress forward. Therefore, to develop our own strategy, I would like to develop human resources who can demonstrate leadership among people of different cultures and different backgrounds.

"I wish to understand the business styles and cultures of other countries towards the development of a global strategy"

To promote global business, we must interact with many different people from different places. As such, we want to develop our own global strategy by understanding the business styles and cultures of other countries.


"Knowledge and Skill Improvement as a Global Leader"

  • I learned about cutting-edge global business and strategy, and it was extremely helpful in tackling issues in global business development
  • In the leadership curriculum, important concepts were conveyed simply and easily understood. I understood more clearly some of the concepts I was unsure of in the past. I was able to zoom out and view things from a bird’s eye perspective.
  • - Having active conversations with people from other countries was an extremely stimulating experience. I am now inspired to take the initiative to have active conversations with others and enjoy the experience

"The development of mutual understanding and network construction through exchanges with business people of different countries with different backgrounds"

  • A discussion about different cultures, values and backgrounds will be held to build mutual understanding and friendships. We can build a network that will lead to business opportunities in the future.
  • Even though we all come from different countries and had different methods of pronunciation, everyone was talking with confidence. I felt it was important to speak with confidence rather than always thinking about the right pronunciation

Participant Feedback

  • Being in Singapore, one of the world’s leading business hubs, I felt especially stimulated and motivated to learn
  • The workshop helped me visualize and put in perspective the future of my country

  • I was extremely satisfied by the professionalism of the instructors. They were especially good at leading the workshop and were lively in their expressions
  • I understood the importance of leadership and my own role to play in active leadership
  • There were many previous instances where the use of case studies was not effective, however, the case studies used here were active and meaningful
  • Only the concepts "diversity" and "listening to others' are individualistic ones, but through this experience, I learnt a great deal about the importance individual identities. I now understand that establishment of an individual identity leads to confidence and activeness.


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