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In May 2012, Alue Co., Ltd established Alue Singapore as its third overseas base. The people, goods, money, and information in rapidly growing Asian countries gather in the increasingly significant hub of human resources development, Singapore.

In recent years, Japanese companies have increased business activities in Asia, and in following, needs have also become diversified in this place where diverse peoples and cultures blend together. Companies must adapt to this new era, and the driving force behind sustainable growth is naturally people. Strengthening of next generation leaders who will lead a diverse workforce, and national staff who support the company locally are indispensable. Already several global corporations have begun establishing corporate universities in Singapore. It is perceived that human resources development will become more and more indispensable in Asian nations, particularly in Singapore.

Alue Singapore supports every stage of training, from creation oftraining systems in Asian countries aiming at the realization of the company's vision and strategy, to training program planning and development, and after-service. The 100 Practices concept uses experience and hands-on activities to help people grow through learning, providing a training program that encourages participants to "Practice Makes Perfect".

At Alue Singapore, our company's vision is "No.1 HR DevelopmentTraining Company in Asia by 2030", and using a global network based in Japan, China, India, and more, Alue will implement our clients' global strategies through human resources development. Thank you for your continued support.

Jota Hatori,  Managing Director

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