Asia Future Leaders Summit(AFLS)


【Japanese participants】

Major manufacturing company X (over 5,000 staff) / Major auditing firm /
Major chemical company (1,000 to 2,999 staff) / Major pharmaceutical company /
Major finance company

【Foreign participants】

Major IT companies (two in India) / Major consulting company / HR development trainer /
Major HR consulting company

Job Types Corporate planning, Planning / Marketing, Sales, HR / Education
Ages 20s – 40s
Place Singapore

Goal / Background (Comments from HR department)

“We want to nurture leaders who will thrive in other cultures”

“There aren’t many people who can express their opinions in global business, and we saw many cases where discussions didn’t go as planned. Because of this, we want to nurture personnel who will be able to manifest their leadership among people from different cultures and backgrounds in order to realize our company’s strategy.”

“We want to understand the cultures and business styles of other countries in order to realize our global strategy.”

“As our global business progresses, we find that our country’s way of doing business isn’t always effective. We want to understand the business styles and cultures of other countries in order to realize our global strategy.”

Results (Comments from participants)

“Improved skills and knowledge as global leaders”

  • “We learned about the latest global business strategies. It was very useful for tackling global business.”
  • “In the leadership curriculum, important concepts were explained in simple terms. I gained a deeper understanding of things I had only vaguely understood. Now I grasp things on a higher level.”
  • “It was inspiring to see how participants from other countries actively spoke and asked questions. I decided to be more active myself, and apply what I learned in the workplace.”

“Networking and mutual understanding with businesspeople from various countries and backgrounds”

  • “By having many discussions with participants with different values and nationalities, our mutual friendship and understanding grew. I built a network I’ll be able to use in business.”
  • “Each country has different ways of pronouncing English, but everyone spoke confidently. I felt that speaking proactively is more important than worrying about pronunciation, and I gained confidence.”

Other comments from participants

  • “It was inspiring to experience the global business city of Singapore while studying.”
  • “It helped me think about the future of my own country.”
  • “I was impressed with the professionalism of the lecturer. In particular, he had a lot of experience as a leader, which gave realism to his talks.”
  • “The program helped me to realize that I need to improve my leadership skills.”
  • “In Japan, case studies don’t get people very excited, however in the program, we had lively discussions, which was very meaningful.”
  • “Words like “diversity” and “listening to others” have always been buzzwords, but this time I felt their true importance. Establishing my own identity gave me confidence, and I felt I could apply the skills I learned. ”

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