Asia Future Leaders Summit

Asia Future Leaders Summit

Foster next generation leaders who play an active part
in the world through cross cultural discussions and exchanges



Young Managers who are projected to the next generation of leaders, middle-tier level executives
(Age and position is not important)

Focus and Learning Outcomes
  • To understand and acquire a global perspective through interact with leading individuals of different countries and cultures.
  • Form networks with individuals from different countries as well as share global management strategies
  • Train and learn practical leadership skills by interaction with others
  • Learning Point

    Next-generation leaders to be, that play a part in the future of Asia (Japan, China, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea) will meet at the summit.

  • An exchange session between talented individuals from Asian countries
  • Acquisition of global knowledge of management systems and methods
  • Strengthen practical and relevant skills for global leaders
  • Days
    8 Days 7 Nights
    Learning style and activities

    Interaction, exchange and networking sessions between individuals from Asian countries.

    Global Business Perspectives

  • Activity: Consider the current situation and prospects surrounding the global business environment and the problems that are occurring in Asia and Europe.
  • Insightful thinking about issues and their countermeasures that are important globally in terms of the macro economy, infrastructure, consumer market, technology, labour and so on.
  • Improving Leadership Effectiveness

    Learn about team management skills to succeed as a senior manager in a growing organization and principles of performance improvement for oneself. It is a program aimed at practicality.
    Lecture by local business leader

    Field visit

    ※All curriculum activities will be conducted in English

    A standard of TOEIC 730 points or equivalent is suggested but is not strictly enforced
    An interest in the Asian region or with an intention to expand businesses into the region.

    Participant Feedback

  • "The opinions of the participants are similar at the seminar in Japan. On the contrary, there were a variety of perspective and opinions during this workshop and really helpful for me to understand global point of view."
  • "Due to the fact that I usually do not have many opportunities to meet with businessmen from other countries at the same time, it was a very valuable experience."
  • Recommended Participants

  • "Participants who think global businesses are important for the future but have not yet had a global experience"
  • "Human Resource staff who have some practical experience and are projected to be managers in the future”
  • "I have practical experience, but I do not have global or foreign experiences. I think that growth will grow when domestic sales / developers participate."
  • "Individuals that have practical experiences but do not have global or foreign experiences. A company will grow rapidly if their managers gain a global perspective and spread the influence to other staff."
  • A Message to Participants

  • "I want you to grasp the opportunity to be active as a global talent"
  • "I want you to make mutual networks and make maximum use of opportunities to learn from each other"
  • "I want you to enjoy learning global business in a global environment"
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    Global Mindset Program


    Global Talent Assessment


    Breakthrough Program,
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