APAC Training for Next Generation Managers

APAC Training for Next Generation Managers

Develop a leader who has global management perspective and embodies corporate philosophy



Young Managers who are projected to the next generation of leaders (Age and position is not important)

Focus and Learning Outcomes
  • Reaffirming corporate philosophy and visualizing how to embody corporate philosophy throughout the organization.
  • Nurturing the next generation of management candidates that embody corporate philosophy
  • Discuss differences in multi-cultural and diverse backgrounds to cultivate new and different decision-making methods
  • Acquire the foundation of management such as the multi-mechanism, human resource development and the strengthening of local organizational management through development of an active attitude
  • Learning point
  • Sharing Corporate Philosophy
  • Learning Global Management Perspectives
  • Strengthening of management base
  • Place


    Learning style and activities
  • Business basic skills for global leaders
  • Outlook from the global management perspective of the ASEAN countries
  • Leadership training to lead a global team
  • An understanding of corporate philosophy and implementation plan for realizing business vision
  • Overseas Training Programme
    Asia Future Leaders Summit


    APAC Next Generation Management Training


    Global Mindset Program


    Global Talent Assessment


    Breakthrough Program,
    a simulation for future expatriate employees