Do you have face such worries when training your local staff?

               Alue's Online Learning Program


Target Audience

Foreign employees working in Japanese Organisations 

Learning Time

1-2 hours


25 SGD/ per person

Self Paced E-Learning

Etudes Learning Platform
(DL not required)

          Course Details         

Sales Rep:
+65-8725-7511 (Matsuda)
+81-90-9012-1546 (Maruyama)

          ~Online E-Learning Platform、Etudes ~         

Latest cloud-based E-Learning system that can be used by thousands of people

Multiple Management Tools

- Centralized management of e-learning and group training
- keep a record of how many seconds of videos you've watched
- Precise learning management is possible even in a large-scale organization

Easy to understand video courses

- Visual, easy to understand and intuitive to use
- Significantly reduce need for user support measures
- Supports inversion learning and micro-learning

Perfectly Secured

- Built with PaaS on Microsoft Azure
- Supports VPN and closed network access
- regular vulnerability testing